Marketing or Business Development? Not an Either/Or Proposition

Marketing or Business DevelopmentOver the past several years there has been a trend in the legal industry related to growing law firms’ business development efforts. And while a focus on business development is a critical strategic initiative, there is also evidence that this increased focus has come at a price – a reduced focus and emphasis on marketing and branding. This is not an either/or proposition, and rather than choosing marketing or business development, firms should be focused on both. Continue reading

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My Brain Trust Weekly: Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Marketing ConsultantSmall businesses must often face a hiring decision when determining how to grow their business. Because of tight margins and size, it may not make sense to hire a senior level marketing professional as an employee, but having the kind of expertise a marketing consultant brings can make all the difference in the company’s success. In these cases, hiring a marketing consultant can be a great solution. Continue reading

Why Your Company’s Crisis Communications Response is So Critical

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by Leslie A. Larson

In 2012 I blogged about how company leaders and executives wear blinders when faced with a company crisis resulting from a misguided executive decision or faux paux moment. I specifically focused on Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” catastrophe that is widely credited for losing him the presidential election, as well as Susan G. Komen’s fall after cutting funds to Planned Parenthood and BP Oil’s trials related to CEO Tony Hayward’s remark about “wanting his life back” following an oil rig explosion that killed 11 people. Continue reading

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My Brain Trust Weekly: Storytelling in Business

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The world’s best PR practitioners have always been master storytellers – crafting story pitches that resonate with media in order to get coverage. It’s ironic now that with the advent of social media that offers so many ways to tell a story that marketers are now taking notice. In This Will Be The #1 Business Skill Of The Next 5 Years Shane Snow says “Today, one of the biggest corporate buzzwords is ‘storytelling.’ Marketers are obsessed with storytelling, and conference panels on the subject lately have fewer empty seats than a Bieber concert.”

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What the Seattle Seahawks Taught Us About Leadership

Business Lesssons SeahawksWhat happened last night during Super Bowl XLVIII – where the scrappy no names from Seattle took over the game and decisively shut down a future Hall of Famer star quarterback and much touted “best offense in football” –  was unexpected to everyone but the Seattle Seahawks. How they got here provides great lessons about how critical effective leadership and instilling values like teamwork, confidence and humility are to an organization’s success – whether that organization be an NFL team or a business. Continue reading

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