My Brain Trust Weekly: Twitter Etiquette, Round 2

Twitter EtiquetteAbout a year ago I posted my first Brain Trust Weekly on Twitter Etiquette, and unfortunately, all of the points I made there about improper activities continue to be relevant. Given there are some other bad behaviors that have emerged, I have updated my original post to discuss them here.

In his excellent Forbes article, “How to Build a Winning Twitter Strategy in 2014,” Jayson DeMers says, “Twitter continues to be a social media powerhouse. In 2014, though, it’s critical that marketers take their thinking through an evolutionary process that focuses on strategy, leverages visual media, builds their brands, and cultivates opportunities to make personal connections.”

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Don’t Get Blindsided: The Importance of Visionary Leadership

visionary leadership

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles outlining how critical an organizational vision is to your overall business strategy. In Strategic Planning Framework: The Importance of Vision, Scott Regan, CEO of AchieveIt, puts it this way:

What you are doing when creating a vision statement is articulating your dreams and hopes for your company, as well as establishing a strong foundation for your strategic planning framework. It reminds you of what you are trying to build and the time frame in which you are trying to build it.

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My Brain Trust Weekly: Branding for Small Business

Brand for Small BusinessIn my practice, I find myself counseling small businesses on the importance of establishing a brand for their company. They are typically so busy just getting the business up and running that they haven’t had a chance to consider a strategic branding approach in which they determine a company voice, market position and message. This is a critical part of a business’s strategy and should be a priority. They always nod in agreement, but then exhibit signs of confusion (“what exactly is a brand?”) and anxiety (“how much is this going to cost me?”) as we continue the discussion. Invariably, it becomes clear that they think their brand is just a logo when of course, it is much much more. Continue reading

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There’s Nothing Personal About Your Personal Brand

Personal BrandingThe concept of ‘personal branding’ has been getting a lot of attention… it seems everyone is talking about it. I began thinking about it in context of my job search two years ago and the surprising number of requests I received to consult which led to a decision to launch a marketing and communications consulting practice.

Given all of my networking activities had been focused on landing a new corporate position, I was frankly shocked when calls started coming in for consulting. As a seasoned marketer I couldn’t get past why calls would come in for consulting when I was specifically job hunting. So, I started digging deeper by asking questions of my (now) clients – why had they decided to call me? One who was referred said that in addition to that referral, “you have a strong personal brand… you’ve been around a while and everyone I’ve talked to says the same thing. You can be counted on to do the job well.” Continue reading

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My Brain Trust Weekly: Printed Marketing Collateral

Marketing CollateralI’ve noticed recently that many of my clients are so razor-focused on enhancing their online and social media activities that the idea of marketing collateral is oftentimes not even considered or brushed aside as passé. While of course your online presence must be strong, for small businesses and solo practitioners in particular, printed marketing collateral is still an important component of an effective strategy. Continue reading