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January 15, 2018
Stories are the best way to help your prospects understand complex ideas, and so in technical fields can greatly enhance your ability to connect with your audience [...]
January 6, 2018
Today, a PR professional's job is still to strategically place stories, but given the proliferation of blogs and online mediums, to whom and the way one pitches has changed [...]
December 19, 2017
While it's critical to know who your direct competition is, how you treat them and respond with your own marketing strategy is not necessarily defined as a "kill or be killed" concept. You don't have to be a fierce competitor; rather, in many cases, getting to know your competitors and building a relationship with them is a good business practice [...]
December 1, 2017
You may think that just because you haven't received complaints, that you rate highly on the customer satisfaction scale, after all, no news is good news right? Wrong. [...]
November 8, 2017
Responsive Web Design responds to the user’s viewport, device, or platform. It’s a design that can attractively acclimate to any screen resolution, and has become the business standard for making a website more accessible to virtually everyone [...]
October 28, 2017
Blogging is one of the top ways to reach your targets. It is part of a strong inbound marketing strategy, and an expected form of your online presence.
October 16, 2017
In a professional services environment (i.e. law firms), where you have multiple owners, you must have a marketing strategy for your marketing strategy or it will fail, no question about it [...]
October 1, 2017
I’m sure everyone has experienced at least one instance of bullying by email, text, or Facebook. It’s a lot easier to be mean to someone when they’re not standing in front of you, and with the increasing use of technology as a means of mainstream communication, we’re seeing a rise in horrible conduct – and not just by adolescents. It’s also happening in the workplace [...]
September 11, 2017
You must evaluate what the relationships are - then you can strategically determine the influencers who can turn the relationships into new or additional business[...]

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