May 11, 2017
What makes a good leader, and what does one do if they believe they're working for an organization with a leader who is not ready - or worse - is not ethical? The far-reaching impacts on the company, its employees, and shareholders, cannot be understated [...]
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May 1, 2017
We've all had that great idea for a work innovation shot down by a colleague with a laundry list of issues arguing against us. This person is a thorn in your side, puts you on the defensive, and generally makes your life miserable. But viewed another way, this person can be your greatest ally. After all, isn't it better to work out the kinks in your idea earlier rather than when the boss is evaluating it? [...]
April 25, 2017
A job well done is only one component to bringing in new clients and hitting billable hour expectations; in an increasingly competitive industry, getting out of the office and in front of referral sources and potential new clients is more important than ever [...]
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April 15, 2017
The best way to sell your services is to not sell them. Relate, engage and assist and the work will come.
April 3, 2017
There is no question that the generation gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials is dramatic. It includes a vast array of personal and professional differences that cannot be simply dismissed as so many Boomers would like to do. I can’t even count the number of conversations I’ve had with Boomer colleagues who complain about the […]
Twitter Etiquette
March 17, 2017
There are several activities being used (and abused) by self-professed social media experts and by using them these "experts" are actually undermining their professional credibility. Doing so shows a lack of strategy and understanding of the medium itself.
March 4, 2017
It's shocking how many websites, blogs, and social media accounts of well-respected professionals have been left to languish for not one, not two, but in many cases - several months. It's about more than content, it's about your reputation. [...]
February 12, 2017
With all the social media options out there, how does a business owner know where to be and where to direct valuable resources? Not all mediums are created equal, and some work much more effectively than others depending on your target [..]
February 6, 2017
A few weeks back, I was lunching with colleagues and the conversation turned to commiserating over the trials and tribulations of managing people. One talked about an employee who shared confidential information with others internally and the firestorm that erupted as a result. We started discussing how important judgment is, and how hard it [...]

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