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My Brain Trust Weekly: The Benefits to Hiring a Marketing Consultant


Marketing Consultant

My Brain Trust Weekly: The Benefits to Hiring a Marketing Consultant
February 9, 2018

Small businesses and nonprofits must often face a hiring decision when determining how to grow their business. Because of tight margins, small budgets and size, it may not make sense to hire a senior level marketing professional as an employee, but having the kind of expertise a senior professional brings can make all the difference in an organization’s success. In these cases, hiring a marketing consultant can be a great solution.

When should you consider a marketing pro to consult with you on marketing direction? Consider the following instances:

1. If you have short-term projects that existing staff have neither the time, or expertise, to handle;

2. If you have an existing staff leave to cover;

3. If you haven’t yet undertaken a strategic planning exercise;

4. If your business or fundraising have stalled;

5. If new competitors have joined your space;

6. If you have an idea for a new service or product but are not sure of its viability.

The benefits can be immense:

1. Although counterintuitive, it is less expensive to hire a consultant rather than pay a hefty salary and benefits to someone with the same level of experience and expertise on a full-time basis;

2. The years and breadth of experience a marketing consultant brings helps target your efforts and resources;

3. Without a broad range of additional responsibilities, a consultant can focus solely on the work at hand – thus more quickly;

4. An experienced consultant oftentimes has market relationships and connections that can assist in implementing your strategy;

5. While no one knows your business better than you, being so close to it can also be problematic; a marketing consultant brings an objective, and fresh, perspective;

6. Any good marketing consultant has stayed on top of the latest market trends to ensure your strategy considers and integrates them as appropriate.

The Brain Trust Resources below go into more depth about the whys, hows and whens of hiring a consultant. Full disclosure: I am obviously biased given my line of work. However, I have seen first-hand how my work has helped an organization move forward and reach its goals. I believe a marketing consultant is something all small businesses should consider.

6 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant (
“Most marketing consultants have gained years of experience in previous marketing positions before entering the independent consulting field. While many years of experience are ideal for consultants, their previous work speaks louder than the amount of time they’ve spent in marketing,” explains.

5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant Even Though You Don’t Want To (Duct Tape Marketing)
Consultants aren’t magicians. Don’t go looking for someone to fix your marketing if your product doesn’t make sense. Don’t expect a consultant to swoop in and get you more clients if you don’t have a methodology that allows you to stand out. And finally, don’t hire a consultant so you can abdicate the all-important role of marketing to an “expert.” A really good consultant won’t take your money unless they believe they can actually help you and, no matter what you believe your burning need is, you should hire a consultant to help you in the following five areas first and foremost.

Can a Marketing Agency Grow Your Business? (In-Touch Marketing)
A modern marketing strategy must include an array of marketing channels to be effective. You’ll need expert personnel who understand how to use each channel and how it specifically applies to your business goals.

Marketing Consultants – Why You Need Them (Hedley Basford)
Smart businesses know that clever and effective marketing is the key to success during both good and bad economic times. This is not surprising as successful business promotion requires marketing experience and knowledge that many businesses don’t have in-house. Investing in an experienced business marketing consultant can give organisations the help they need to reconnect with their customers and promote their products and services more effectively.

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