My Brain Trust Weekly: Pinterest for Business



My Brain Trust Weekly: Pinterest for Business
August 6, 2017

If you haven’t been paying attention to Pinterest as a social medium platform for your business, consider this: According to Hootsuite, it has more than 150 million users, and has quickly evolved into a discovery platform.

In fact, Pinterest has become a major e-commerce player and should be included in any B2C company’s marketing strategy. But what about its potential for B2Bs? Madison Miles Media points out the benefits:

  • Pins last an eternity … at least compared to a tweet. The half-life of a social media post is the average time it takes for the post to earn 50% of its interactions. According to the Wiselytics crew, the average half-life of a tweet is 24 minutes; a Facebook post, 90 minutes. But the half-life Twitter Lifetime from wisemetricsof the average Pinterest post (called a pin) is a whopping 3.5 months. That longevity is certainly appealing.
  • Pinterest helps your SEO. Pinterest boards do indeed show up in Google search results, so you can strategically name yours to coincide with your targeted keywords. Furthermore, you can include a link to your website in any pin you publish, giving you a means to build up backlinks from a trusted website.
  • Visual content sells. 2014 saw a surge in the use of both images and video for marketing because people respond to visual content so well. That trend applies to both B2C and B2B; our friends at HubSpot found that visual content is a key element of all five of the most effective B2B marketing tactics.
  • Pinterest’s audience is diversifying. With its predominantly female audience, Pinterest has long been seen as a site for women interested in cooking, crafts and fashion. Although the site’s users are still over 70% female, its male user base expanded by an incredible 73% in 2014 alone.

Below are some useful sources with more information on why B2Bs should care – happy pinning!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Pinterest Marketing (AdEspresso by Hootsuite)
This step-by-step guide to Pinterest marketing is going to provide marketers and businesses with everything they need to build a strong content marketing presence on the platform—including how to get your individual pins noticed.

Social Media Marketing: 7 Opportunities for B2B Brands to Rock PInterest (Top Rank Blog)
We dive into a few ways that B2B brands can use Pinterest as a social media marketing tactic to share content, drive awareness and grow their audience.

How a B2B Uses Pinterest Successfully (Simple Pin Media)
Constant Contact began using Pinterest in 2012, to see if they could grow their business. It has been a source of tremendous growth for their blog. Each month, it is a toss up between Pinterest and Facebook as far as driving traffic to their blog, which is interesting because they have almost twice the number of Facebook followers as Pinterest followers.

Why B2B Brands Should Get On Board with Pinterest (Smart Brief)
Pinterest is a prime example of a popular social media platform that can also mean business for brands. Pinterest’s focus on discovery makes it more of a tool for self-exploration than a means for social interaction. With Pinterest users actively searching for things that pique their interest, B2B brands have a captive audience for their various products and services. Savvy brands know the potential of adding Pinterest to their content marking strategies and are already on the network.

Can Pinterest Work for B2B Businesses? (Alisa Meredith)
Yes, it can! How do I know? It works for mine! Yeah, yeah, you say, but might that not be because you concentrate on it and because you make nice-looking pinnable images (why, thank you!). And of COURSE that has something to do with it. Even the most B2C-est of all B2C businesses needs to put thought, energy, and money into making Pinterest work for them.

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