As a Seattle marketing consultant, I have a broad range of experience providing advertising consulting services to Seattle companies. I have strong relationships with top area graphic designers, and have developed ad campaigns for print, radio and online mediums, and placed media buys that maximize reach in the most cost-effective way possible. How can I help you advertise your business?

McKay Chadwell wanted to reach attorney referral sources, and concurrent with a brand refresh, decided to develop an ad campaign that communicated key messages to run in NW Lawyer magazine. I worked with attorneys to articulate key messages and design and create a campaign of four ads that integrated the new brand and a new tagline, and now runs monthly on a rotating basis. 

McKay Chadwell – Experience ad

McKay Chadwell – Two Most Important Words ad

McKay Chadwell – Small by Choice ad

McKay Chadwell – Uniquely Qualified ad


Hillis, Clark, Martin & Peterson needed a new ad for use in its sponsorship activities of various community, nonprofit and trade organization events. The following were developed under my direction to integrate into the firm’s existing, whimsical ad campaign:

Seattle No. 1 Fan ad

Cinching Our Belts ad

The firm developed an online campaign to market its four distinct areas of practice:


The Law Offices of James S. Rogers wanted to introduce and welcome associate Liz J. Donaldson:

Liz Donaldson ad


Working with DNA Brand Mechanics, I led the launch of Foster Pepper’s (a major Seattle law firm) first-ever ad campaign featuring key legal services:

Litigation Ad

Pension Funds ad

Seattle Projects ad


Once the campaign was under way, we internally developed complementary ads on an ad-hoc basis to showcase additional legal services. This included the launch of an online campaign including banner and flash ads, as well as radio spots in both the Seattle and Spokane markets:

Bond Counsel ad

Community Service ad

Sustainability ad


Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland was at the forefront of progressive wellness care, and while employed there I created this ad showcasing its T’ai Chi and other offerings:

Wellness Alternatives ad


These slides were developed under my direction to recruit nurses via local movie theatre placements prior to showtime:

Nurse Recruiting ads