"It was a real pleasure to get the chance to work with Leslie and have someone take the guesswork out of marketing. She 
provided me with a comprehensive yet manageable approach to marketing myself and each step along the way has improved my business."
- Nathan Walsh, Naturopathic physician

“We were piloting the expansion of a 20+ year old program into a new direction and needed to navigate messaging around this expansion to avoid alienating longstanding partners even while we attempted to woo new partners. Leslie came up to speed quickly, and accurately assessed the risks and opportunities. She did thorough and creative work in laying out environment in which we were dealing and giving us helpful recommendations for our message.”
- John Kim, former COO, Northwest Regional Primary Care Association; current Executive Director, Seattle Jobs Initiative

Leslie is quite simply the most capable marketing director with whom I have worked in 20 years. She has an innate ability to quickly develop an in-depth understanding of a target market, and she then creates innovative approaches to reach and capitalize on that market. She and I worked together to create a new practice group at our law firm to assist Native American clients. Leslie crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy and firm now has a nationally-recognized Native American practice and our revenues from this client base have increased dramatically.”
- Greg Guedel, Partner, Foster Pepper PLLC

"Leslie Larson helped our nonprofit coalition create a marketing and communications plan that made a huge impact. We had tried doing that work before but never got a finished product that was sustainable until we found Leslie. Leslie is an excellent listener, with an ability to latch onto a client's vision and stay true to it. I appreciated her attention to detail and how reliable she was. She kept us on track and asked all the right questions. I can't say enough about how much we valued her work."
- Debbie Lacy, former Marketing Coordinator, Eastside Human Services Forum

“Leslie not only managed a highly functioning department, but personally supported individual departments, ensuring that all marketing/communication needs were met. She led a successful brand roll out and was the “voice of Evergreen”, representing the organization in the media, including the handling of several crisis communications. Leslie is an outstanding representative for an organization, highly effective communicator, creative in her approach and a strategic thinker. “
- Laurene Burton, Administrative Director, Governance & Comm. Services, Evergreen Healthcare

“I met Leslie through the Association of Legal Marketing and was immediately taken by her openness and her willingness to collaborate on projects to better market the lawyers in her firm. She has worked with lawyers, doctors and other professionals with the grace and ease of a true professional. She handles their limited understanding of the marketing process and coaches them to create greater opportunities for themselves, expanding their businesses beyond what they could have crafted on their own. Leslie is her own best brand ambassador.”
- Kristin Baldwin, Director of Client Services, Prolumina

“I had the pleasure of working with Leslie a few years back as my firm’s Director of Marketing. She is a highly-organized, creative and responsive marketer, and under her leadership developed a strong departmental infrastructure for the firm which included a website redesign and creation of a new advertising campaign. For my individual practice, we worked closely together on a couple of client development projects, and I found her experienced, energetic and helpful.”
- Randy Aliment, Partner, Williams Kastner

“I had the pleasure of working with Leslie at Foster Pepper. Leslie was a great leader at Foster Pepper, well-respected and appreciated by her marketing team. Leslie worked with me on several significant projects, and always delivered outstanding results. Leslie has a strong work ethic and is a great PR and marketing strategist.”
- Matt Hooper, former Of Counsel, Foster Pepper PLLC, current Founding Partner, IME Law

“I worked with Leslie at Windermere Real Estate for several years. In her role there, she was in charge of public relations for a dynamic, expanding company with a wide variety of stakeholders and audiences (it grew to a 10-state operation while we were there). I appreciated Leslie’s insightful approach and creative outlook. She was a dynamo on the details, saw projects through with drive and commitment. It was great to have a team member who would take an idea and run with it, and I never had to worry that it would get done, and get done well.”
- Michelle Barry, former Executive Vice President/Marketing, Windermere Real Estate; current Senior Account Manager, Commonwealth Title

“I was lucky to have Leslie Larson manage the PR campaign when I joined Foster Pepper as a lateral partner. Her connections with the Seattle Times resulted in my move being featured in the business section. Leslie was also instrumental in making my clients feel welcome at the law firm, such as suggesting a presentation by the Seattle Storm at the Wine, Women & What’s Happening annual event. Leslie was proactive about using social media and always seemed to be a step or two ahead of the lawyers. She is a real pro.”
- Steve Fisher, Partner, Foster Pepper PLLC

“Leslie Larson is the consummate Marketing and Communications professional. She has excelled in her career due to her in-depth knowledge and application of Marketing principles and practices and, her continuous improvement philosophy, both professionally and personally. Her verbal and written presentations are simply impeccable. Leslie is a politically savvy spokesperson. She is an insightful crisis communication's leader, aware of the myriad of business influences that contribute to positive community and public presentations and relationships.”
- Nancie O'Neill, former Director of Organizational Learning, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc./ Westin Hotels & Resorts

“I worked extensively with Leslie in my role as the Chair of the Litigation Group at Foster Pepper. Leslie was instrumental in coordinating a number of in house business development events, responses to requests for proposal, and helping with individual practice plans. She is intelligent, experienced, and has a great attitude.”
- Jeff Frank, Managing Partner, Foster Pepper PLLC

“Leslie is a talented, skilled and creative marketing and communications professional from whom I have learned a tremendous amount. She is extremely organized, results-driven and passionate about developing creative solutions to problem solve. She is a joy to work with and her energy is contagious. Leslie is a consummate professional and I highly recommend her.”
- Jeannette Tarcha, VP Communications and Marketing, Make-A-Wish Alaska & Washington

“I worked closely with Leslie in marketing the employment and labor practice at Foster Pepper. She was the consummate professional in everything she did, including organizing in-house seminars and webinars, locating outside speaking and writing opportunities, creating a blog, promoting the practice through traditional media placement and advertising, and using social media. The result was a consistent and positive message to the employer community. Leslie also collaborated effectively with other professionals and gave valuable and candid advice. I recommend her highly.”
- Steve Peltin, Partner and Chair of Employment and Labor Relations Practice Group, Foster Pepper PLLC

“Leslie and I worked together for seven years on various projects and initiatives at Foster Pepper PLLC. I was always impressed by Leslie’s knowledge of the market, her ability to gain visibility for me and my practice in the media, and her creativity and innovative approach to marketing and branding. She is also a master of logistics and planning, having put on countless successful events for the firm. Leslie is a smart and talented professional who would be an immediate asset to any company.”
- Joanna Plichta Boisen, Pro Bono Partner & Chair, Nonprofit Group, Foster Pepper PLLC